Does the Mind Control the Body or Does the Body control the Mind?

Answer is YES. Both mind and body are linked. We must be very good to our bodies, for when we are healthy in body, it is easier to be strong in mind. Our minds are so powerful. Our bodies must fallow.

Depressed and can’t get off the couch. Do it anyway. Just shut up and do it. Walk or do some other type of physical activity and watch your mind become better. I does not hurt to be looking good. The other option is to stay fat and hate yourselves for it.

Watch what you eat. We need so much less. It is OK to stay a little hungry. If I feel full, that means I ate to much. Ice cream can be a temporary fix for depression, but it is a lie. Summer is here, so get out and do something! Increase your number of positive actions.

You have source in you you. You have greatness in you. You are always doing better than you feel. Love yourself first and watch it overflow and effect all around you. Life is good, even when we get in the way.

Just for today: I will treat by body with respect and allow mind to follow in spirit..


One response to “Does the Mind Control the Body or Does the Body control the Mind?

  1. I truly am proud of you, Jack. It is so wonderful to read your your advice and your thoughts… expecially when dripping with optimism and enthusiasm. I’m smiling right now. Thank you!

    I will confess, I have no plans of giving up ice cream! I promise I eat it, however, because I love it, not because I’m drowing in sorrow and depression. 🙂

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